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Earth Day Plastic Footprint

Earth Day Plastic Footprint

Earth Day Plastic Footprint

Celebrate Earth Day Friday,  April 22nd by helping to create a 60 foot long  giant “plastic footprint” and temporary art installation on the sand at 64th Place and Bayshore Walk.

Assembly will begin at 10 am Friday morning and it will remain on display until Saturday afternoon.  The footprint will be constructed entirely out of plastic waste found on the shore of Long Beach.

The creation will represent how each and every one of us has a plastic footprint, and how large it can be if we don’t make an effort towards reducing our consumption.  Hopefully, this collection will bring awareness to the problem of plastic waste accumulating in our oceans, and the devastating effect it has on sea life and all of us.

Come on over and check it out better yet, pick up a bit of beach litter en route and add to the creation!

Plastic won’t biodegrade in our lifetime…maybe never.

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